Pink Luggage Sets

Pink Hardshell Luggage Sets

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Why Pink

We needed a new luggage set, my wife likes pink and I found a good set here Pink hardshell luggage set

Isn’t pink an odd color for a man? Maybe. But I couldn’t care a less I don’t care what the color is as long as it’s up to the job. I used to work as a baggage handler so I know the harsh treatment these cases take. Pink’s okay and I’m a modern man so that’s what I got for the two us. I got a hardshell polycarbonate set, as tough as they get.

So on our travels we take one case each, my wife gets the biggest of the three, I get the middle one. The smaller one acts as our inflight cabin bag.

Lots ofdresses on a rack

Why Does my Wife pack so many Things?

In reality the smallest case takes more of my wife’s luggage overflow. As does my case, which is filled half with my things and more of my wife’s luggage overflow.

She managed to travel around Europe, when she was younger – backpacking. I can’t imagine she took all this stuff with her, it would have tied her down and made her trip too cumbersome. Maybe the extra baggage is generated when a women gets married, that provides two things; extra allowance and some able body man to do the carrying.

I went for “Well Made” and “Pink”

Much more important is how well the cases are put together, skimp here to save a few bucks and you’ll pay sooner or later because you’ll be replacing them at some point. The better, more expensive ones, tend to last for years and will put up with all the hostile treatment, especially when you fly.

We (correction “I”) spent over $200 on our 3 piece luggage set, which happens to be pink, to my wife’s delight. She was very pleased with me. I was pleased because it’s just a great set.

How to choose a luggage set

Get it Right

You don’t tend to think about suitcases until you come to use them and when you do they just have to work. There’s no time to mess around and get replacements when your packing and have a plane to catch the next morning. Much better to invest in a good quality luggage sets and have that peace of mind.

Picking the right luggage set