wireless charger for iphone

old iphone 5The Charging Pain

Charging my phone at least twice a day becomes a real pain sometimes. In fact most times. That dreaded message telling you your batteries are low and you’re miles from anywhere with no place to charge. I live and breath my iphone. No ihpone equals complete wreck.

Unfortunately modern phones add more features, more processors, brighter screens. All taking their toll on that little battery squeezed inside under the covers.

Now there are battery packs and I use these myself. Having to carry a battery pack and one USB cable (otherwise it’s useless) means you can charge up in the middle of nowhere.

iphone 5 in useWireless Charging to the Rescue

But I’ve also found something just as useful but not if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Now I have an iPhone 6, the original model. Then I found that there’s a converter kit that allows it or any iPhone to charge wirelessly.

So how does that help? Well it helps in a small way but you have to change your habits as well. I like most people charge my iPhone before I go to bed or, when I realize that I don’t have enough charge and I’m about to go out in ten minutes.

Having a charging pad, and I have several dotted around the place, means that when I put the phone down, I always find a pad to put it on. That’s the “habit”. By doing that the phone is always charging.

Where You Can Find Them

You can find wireless charger for iphone kits like these here http://wirelesschargerforiphone.com And they’re quite reasonable given that you have that piece of might that the phone is always charging as you grab it on your way out.

The other benefit is that you know where the phone is. It has to be on one of the charging bases (the habit, again). I used to be always looking for the iPhone and it was the only reason we still had a landline so I could call it up to locate it.

The other nice thing is I just grab the phone to take a call or when I leave the house. There’s no more plugging in. Small point but I think a useful one.

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