88 key weighted keyboard

Child and PianoOur Piano Childhood

We often played piano together, my sister and I. We came from a rather strict household. We never had a television and radio was only in one room of the house and that room was out of bounds to us.

So we did what all kids do, we learned to entertain ourselves. And one of the things we had to while away the time was our piano. We had lots of time during those long winter days and those long summers holidays. And we both became quite good.

We have attempted to see how quick we could play a piece, mainly classical and some hymns from church. It’s now possible to Learn Online

piano-playiingExperimenting with our Piano

As we became more proficient we began to compose. At first we tried recreating nature’s sounds (thunder, lightening, the moon, snow), later we tried human emotions (love, hate, anger).
I also began to compose songs about my feelings and how I felt.  Creative Chord Progressions

New Music

As we went to school and just going downtown we were both aware of other music, folk, the Blues, jazz, rock. But these were “no go” areas for us. We weren’t allowed to play the devil’s music. To us it was a little like swearing and a very naughty thing to do. As with all kids, we had to secretly have a go. If we’d heard an intriguing rhythm and thought we were alone, very gingerly we’d have a go.

Learning Jazz piano

keyboard playingMusical Awakening

Eventually we grew up and first my sister then I went onto college, where I boarded, away from home for the first time n my life and music was everywhere. I found it quite exciting but naughty at the same time. However it was so exhilarating and I just loved all the new sounds I was hearing.

Rock Keyboard playing

My College Piano

But I never stopped liking classical music, my horizons just expanded and I felt liberated by it all. I needed a piano of my own something I could keep in the apartment where I lived and it had to be small.

I had to get my father to buy an 88 key digital piano. He was against it at first but he could see the impracticality out having a piano in such a small place. So I pointed him on the direction of best 88 key keyboard. A site that specializes in 88 key keyboards.

grand pianoThe must have Features

The most important requirement was that it had to have a full 88 keys to provide all of the octaves of a grand piano. And all of the keys needed to be weighted and keyboard should provide some sort of a electronic sustain pedal, which would make the experience so much the better.


88 key keyboardMy Friend away from Home

Luckily all piano keyboards on the link above keyboard piano 88 keys, had those features. Eventually my new 88 key digital piano arrived. And my keyboard became my friend away from home and I played everything that I heard whenever I could.