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Painter manTime to Decorate

Re-decorating your house can be stressful especially if you have a partner who has different ideas to yours. It started off with “lets redecorate one room” but “if we were doing that room then the next room would look really shabby”. If fact the whole of our downstairs flat, which hasn’t seen a lick of paint in over ten years, would look very odd.

We decided that we also needed to get rid of some old items of furniture, which never really fitted in But couldn’t agree on what pieces were to go, what to keep and what to replace them with. And the curtains would also have to be replaced, they’d seen better days and we wanted to freshen up the whole place and not just some half baked solution. It was all or nothing.

make a planWe Made a Plan

Our first plan was to do it all our selves. That would have meant taking some time off work, together, then get cracking but we realised that it was quite a big job and a lot of hard work and neither of us being very good with a brush – a little challenging.

But our main problem was that we couldn’t agree on anything. I said “I’ll design one room and you design the other”. But that produced a clash of styles and we could see that was a recipe for failure.

London BusLondon Interior Design Team

We live in London, so we decided to use the services of an interior design company and we found this one stop shop here London interior design. They took our rough ideas and turned them into a cohesive design. To my amazement they were able to take our two completely different room designs and bring them together visually. It meant that although the rooms were different they also flowed into each other by using elements in one and repeating them in the other. Very clever I thought.

They also helped us choose all the soft furnishings and narrowed the items of furniture we needed so that they would work with the rooms they were to occupy.

But the best part for us, was that they managed the whole project from start to finish. That’s when I realised the amount of work there was to do and that we’d underestimated it by quite a lot. So had we done it ourselves we’d never have finished it. We’d still be doing it now.

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