best camera tripod

heavry duty tripods, in usedSLR Tripod

A good quality tripod, like the ones I found here camera tripod will make a big impact to your photography. They hold the camera steady and the better ones handle those big telephoto lenses, no problem.

But it’s being able to fix the camera’s position that’s really important. It means you can change other elements in the frame and not having to worry whether the camera is in the same position that it was for the previous shot. Which only becomes a distraction to you when you should be concentrating on the scene in front of you.

LArge Telephoto lens on a tripodThe same is true for landscape photography. Holding the camera steady allows for those low light shots or those really cool shots where the water flow appears as meandering dry ice quality mist going around rocks and trees.

Working with your tripod for camera

In a studio setting the tripod again fixes the camera’s position allowing you to change elements in the scene and adjust lighting/add more lights as you go. Snoots, barn doors and soft light boxes. All give high control of what gets lit and what doesn’t and how the light tails off into shadow. All the time the camera remains in a fixed position, chosen by you.

large tablet for photography tetheringShutter Release

As well as a tripod a shutter release device is advisable. These go together really well, the electronic ones are best. Press the button, wherever you are. No walking backwards and forwards for each shot. But most important – no camera shake.

Tethering is another facility, available on most dSLRs these days. It used to be quite expensive getting an iPad or Android tablet, not any more. As well as relating the last taken shot to you on a big 10 inch screen. Some apps will even allow control of the camera’s settings from the tablet. Ultimately you can even use it to take the shot as well.

Photographer in ActionMaster your dSLR

Although all these technologies help you deliver better studio work. It’s no substitute for having a sounds camera technique and these are skills you have to learn as you go. But anything that helps in your quest is okay by us. Simple Tips for dSLR