whole house water softener

paddling in the seaThe Vacation

We were staying by the cost for our summer vacation. We actually stayed in two locations over two different weeks. And while we’re staying by the coast we’d go swimming in the sea almost every day.

We spend the best part of the day on the beach and take food and nibbles along with us. Come the evening we wash and venture out for a hearty meal, then bed. All that activity, through the day gets both me and my wife asleep in no time. Plus or three children are out as soon as their little heads hit the pillow.

Simple vacations but so very enjoyable. And while the children are still young and amiable, we’ll keep taking them to the beach and hope that we have great weather. Although that doesn’t seem to bother the young ones much.

The Difference

The thing I noticed about the two different locations was the water. It was different. Even though the two places were only seven miles apart.

The first location the shower was better than second location, where the water felt harsher. I suppose the first place the water felt softer.

Soft TowelsWe All Noticed

My children commented on this as well. For them to notice got me wondering. I spoke to Sue, my wife and she had noticed too. Which is very unusual, she doesn’t notice these thing very often.

I was determined to find out what made the difference. So we drove back to find out. The lady that ran the first place where we stayed, said that they had had a soft water system installed.

That removes all the minerals from the water that makes out hard. And they’re easy to get and fit too. You can get domestic ones as we did from this site. water softener system

We had ours fitted by a plumber we know and it just works. It’s very simple but it makes such a big difference when washing. Highly recommended.