Pink Luggage Sets

Pink Hardshell Luggage Sets

pink flowers

Why Pink

We needed a new luggage set, my wife likes pink and I found a good set here Pink hardshell luggage set

Isn’t pink an odd color for a man? Maybe. But I couldn’t care a less I don’t care what the color is as long as it’s up to the job. I used to work as a baggage handler so I know the harsh treatment these cases take. Pink’s okay and I’m a modern man so that’s what I got for the two us. I got a hardshell polycarbonate set, as tough as they get.

So on our travels we take one case each, my wife gets the biggest of the three, I get the middle one. The smaller one acts as our inflight cabin bag.

Lots ofdresses on a rack

Why Does my Wife pack so many Things?

In reality the smallest case takes more of my wife’s luggage overflow. As does my case, which is filled half with my things and more of my wife’s luggage overflow.

She managed to travel around Europe, when she was younger – backpacking. I can’t imagine she took all this stuff with her, it would have tied her down and made her trip too cumbersome. Maybe the extra baggage is generated when a women gets married, that provides two things; extra allowance and some able body man to do the carrying.

I went for “Well Made” and “Pink”

Much more important is how well the cases are put together, skimp here to save a few bucks and you’ll pay sooner or later because you’ll be replacing them at some point. The better, more expensive ones, tend to last for years and will put up with all the hostile treatment, especially when you fly.

We (correction “I”) spent over $200 on our 3 piece luggage set, which happens to be pink, to my wife’s delight. She was very pleased with me. I was pleased because it’s just a great set.

How to choose a luggage set

Get it Right

You don’t tend to think about suitcases until you come to use them and when you do they just have to work. There’s no time to mess around and get replacements when your packing and have a plane to catch the next morning. Much better to invest in a good quality luggage sets and have that peace of mind.

Picking the right luggage set

wireless charger for iphone

old iphone 5The Charging Pain

Charging my phone at least twice a day becomes a real pain sometimes. In fact most times. That dreaded message telling you your batteries are low and you’re miles from anywhere with no place to charge. I live and breath my iphone. No ihpone equals complete wreck.

Unfortunately modern phones add more features, more processors, brighter screens. All taking their toll on that little battery squeezed inside under the covers.

Now there are battery packs and I use these myself. Having to carry a battery pack and one USB cable (otherwise it’s useless) means you can charge up in the middle of nowhere.

iphone 5 in useWireless Charging to the Rescue

But I’ve also found something just as useful but not if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Now I have an iPhone 6, the original model. Then I found that there’s a converter kit that allows it or any iPhone to charge wirelessly.

So how does that help? Well it helps in a small way but you have to change your habits as well. I like most people charge my iPhone before I go to bed or, when I realize that I don’t have enough charge and I’m about to go out in ten minutes.

Having a charging pad, and I have several dotted around the place, means that when I put the phone down, I always find a pad to put it on. That’s the “habit”. By doing that the phone is always charging.

Where You Can Find Them

You can find wireless charger for iphone kits like these here And they’re quite reasonable given that you have that piece of might that the phone is always charging as you grab it on your way out.

The other benefit is that you know where the phone is. It has to be on one of the charging bases (the habit, again). I used to be always looking for the iPhone and it was the only reason we still had a landline so I could call it up to locate it.

The other nice thing is I just grab the phone to take a call or when I leave the house. There’s no more plugging in. Small point but I think a useful one.

how to use an iphone  the iphone lineup  the history of the iphone

88 key weighted keyboard

Child and PianoOur Piano Childhood

We often played piano together, my sister and I. We came from a rather strict household. We never had a television and radio was only in one room of the house and that room was out of bounds to us.

So we did what all kids do, we learned to entertain ourselves. And one of the things we had to while away the time was our piano. We had lots of time during those long winter days and those long summers holidays. And we both became quite good.

We have attempted to see how quick we could play a piece, mainly classical and some hymns from church. It’s now possible to Learn Online

piano-playiingExperimenting with our Piano

As we became more proficient we began to compose. At first we tried recreating nature’s sounds (thunder, lightening, the moon, snow), later we tried human emotions (love, hate, anger).
I also began to compose songs about my feelings and how I felt.  Creative Chord Progressions

New Music

As we went to school and just going downtown we were both aware of other music, folk, the Blues, jazz, rock. But these were “no go” areas for us. We weren’t allowed to play the devil’s music. To us it was a little like swearing and a very naughty thing to do. As with all kids, we had to secretly have a go. If we’d heard an intriguing rhythm and thought we were alone, very gingerly we’d have a go.

Learning Jazz piano

keyboard playingMusical Awakening

Eventually we grew up and first my sister then I went onto college, where I boarded, away from home for the first time n my life and music was everywhere. I found it quite exciting but naughty at the same time. However it was so exhilarating and I just loved all the new sounds I was hearing.

Rock Keyboard playing

My College Piano

But I never stopped liking classical music, my horizons just expanded and I felt liberated by it all. I needed a piano of my own something I could keep in the apartment where I lived and it had to be small.

I had to get my father to buy an 88 key digital piano. He was against it at first but he could see the impracticality out having a piano in such a small place. So I pointed him on the direction of best 88 key keyboard. A site that specializes in 88 key keyboards.

grand pianoThe must have Features

The most important requirement was that it had to have a full 88 keys to provide all of the octaves of a grand piano. And all of the keys needed to be weighted and keyboard should provide some sort of a electronic sustain pedal, which would make the experience so much the better.


88 key keyboardMy Friend away from Home

Luckily all piano keyboards on the link above keyboard piano 88 keys, had those features. Eventually my new 88 key digital piano arrived. And my keyboard became my friend away from home and I played everything that I heard whenever I could.

London Interior Design

Painter manTime to Decorate

Re-decorating your house can be stressful especially if you have a partner who has different ideas to yours. It started off with “lets redecorate one room” but “if we were doing that room then the next room would look really shabby”. If fact the whole of our downstairs flat, which hasn’t seen a lick of paint in over ten years, would look very odd.

We decided that we also needed to get rid of some old items of furniture, which never really fitted in But couldn’t agree on what pieces were to go, what to keep and what to replace them with. And the curtains would also have to be replaced, they’d seen better days and we wanted to freshen up the whole place and not just some half baked solution. It was all or nothing.

make a planWe Made a Plan

Our first plan was to do it all our selves. That would have meant taking some time off work, together, then get cracking but we realised that it was quite a big job and a lot of hard work and neither of us being very good with a brush – a little challenging.

But our main problem was that we couldn’t agree on anything. I said “I’ll design one room and you design the other”. But that produced a clash of styles and we could see that was a recipe for failure.

London BusLondon Interior Design Team

We live in London, so we decided to use the services of an interior design company and we found this one stop shop here London interior design. They took our rough ideas and turned them into a cohesive design. To my amazement they were able to take our two completely different room designs and bring them together visually. It meant that although the rooms were different they also flowed into each other by using elements in one and repeating them in the other. Very clever I thought.

They also helped us choose all the soft furnishings and narrowed the items of furniture we needed so that they would work with the rooms they were to occupy.

But the best part for us, was that they managed the whole project from start to finish. That’s when I realised the amount of work there was to do and that we’d underestimated it by quite a lot. So had we done it ourselves we’d never have finished it. We’d still be doing it now.

Interior Design Ideas

Interior Design DIY

Interior Design Course

temperature control kettle

Oolong Tea Leaves

Message for Tea Drinkers

Tea drinkers should take note, using boiling water won’t make you the perfect cup of tea. The water needs to be very hot but not boiling.

The same goes for instant coffee (which we all use for convenience these days). Using boiling water will scold the coffee powder or granules, every so slightly  slightly but this will have a notable affect on the taste.

Electric Kettle

Kettles with Temperature Controls

But there is a solution  use a electric kettle with temperature control, like the ones here There’s a variety of models on the market and they all heat the water to a precise temperature,  set by you. Not only that they will keep the water at that temperature for a duration of around 15 minutes (varies with model). So you don’t have to re-boil the water again if you’re called away for a few minutes.

There’s even one model that has an app for your phone. A bit over the top we think. But everything seems to come with an app these days. So why not have one in a kettle.

But is this a solution looking for a problem? Do people need yet another device in their kitchens?

We think it’s actually really useful to be able to heat water to a desired temperature  at times. It’s useful to know what the water temperature really is. The alternative is by trial and error as opposed or just a wild guess, neither of which makes sense to us.

Three tea cups with Oolong tea

Tea Drinkers’ Heaven

Also when making delicate herbal teas the right temperature plays a crucial part. To low and the tea leaves won’t give out all of their subtle flavors. To hot and some of those delicate flavors are destroyed. Get the temperature just right and you’ll get the best result.

If you’re really into herbal teas, teas which have delicate flavors and which contain lots of good health benefiting compounds. Then you need a guide for the correct temperature of water that you should be using. Here are the recommended temperatures you should use for brewing some of these teas. These are the ideal temperatures but they don’t have to be exact, a few degrees either way is acceptable.

  • White tea 180
  • Green tea 190
  • Black tea 205
  • Darjeeling 185
  • Oolong 190
  • Jasmine 175
  • Tisane 205

These are the ideal temperatures but they don’t have to be exact, a few degrees either way is acceptable. You can find more details here

best camera tripod

heavry duty tripods, in usedSLR Tripod

A good quality tripod, like the ones I found here camera tripod will make a big impact to your photography. They hold the camera steady and the better ones handle those big telephoto lenses, no problem.

But it’s being able to fix the camera’s position that’s really important. It means you can change other elements in the frame and not having to worry whether the camera is in the same position that it was for the previous shot. Which only becomes a distraction to you when you should be concentrating on the scene in front of you.

LArge Telephoto lens on a tripodThe same is true for landscape photography. Holding the camera steady allows for those low light shots or those really cool shots where the water flow appears as meandering dry ice quality mist going around rocks and trees.

Working with your tripod for camera

In a studio setting the tripod again fixes the camera’s position allowing you to change elements in the scene and adjust lighting/add more lights as you go. Snoots, barn doors and soft light boxes. All give high control of what gets lit and what doesn’t and how the light tails off into shadow. All the time the camera remains in a fixed position, chosen by you.

large tablet for photography tetheringShutter Release

As well as a tripod a shutter release device is advisable. These go together really well, the electronic ones are best. Press the button, wherever you are. No walking backwards and forwards for each shot. But most important – no camera shake.

Tethering is another facility, available on most dSLRs these days. It used to be quite expensive getting an iPad or Android tablet, not any more. As well as relating the last taken shot to you on a big 10 inch screen. Some apps will even allow control of the camera’s settings from the tablet. Ultimately you can even use it to take the shot as well.

Photographer in ActionMaster your dSLR

Although all these technologies help you deliver better studio work. It’s no substitute for having a sounds camera technique and these are skills you have to learn as you go. But anything that helps in your quest is okay by us. Simple Tips for dSLR

whole house water softener

paddling in the seaThe Vacation

We were staying by the cost for our summer vacation. We actually stayed in two locations over two different weeks. And while we’re staying by the coast we’d go swimming in the sea almost every day.

We spend the best part of the day on the beach and take food and nibbles along with us. Come the evening we wash and venture out for a hearty meal, then bed. All that activity, through the day gets both me and my wife asleep in no time. Plus or three children are out as soon as their little heads hit the pillow.

Simple vacations but so very enjoyable. And while the children are still young and amiable, we’ll keep taking them to the beach and hope that we have great weather. Although that doesn’t seem to bother the young ones much.

The Difference

The thing I noticed about the two different locations was the water. It was different. Even though the two places were only seven miles apart.

The first location the shower was better than second location, where the water felt harsher. I suppose the first place the water felt softer.

Soft TowelsWe All Noticed

My children commented on this as well. For them to notice got me wondering. I spoke to Sue, my wife and she had noticed too. Which is very unusual, she doesn’t notice these thing very often.

I was determined to find out what made the difference. So we drove back to find out. The lady that ran the first place where we stayed, said that they had had a soft water system installed.

That removes all the minerals from the water that makes out hard. And they’re easy to get and fit too. You can get domestic ones as we did from this site. water softener system

We had ours fitted by a plumber we know and it just works. It’s very simple but it makes such a big difference when washing. Highly recommended.


We are busy mums and dads, working from home. Managing the house getting the kids off to school and shopping and all the things for running a successful household. But still finding time to workout and keep trim and looking good and staying healthy.

Hi this blog is for like minded folk and we’ll be posting articles that we fell helps with our chosen lifestyle. So come back often and to see our new articles.

Thanks for popping by, more soon.